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Love is something that means very different things to different people. For some, love can be purely romantic, or even purely sexual. For others, real love is utterly unconditional and only truly exists between family members, or between people and a deity. And for some people, love is fluid, ever changing, and everywhere, and is felt for family, friends, partners, pets, and even inanimate objects, dead artists, and fictional characters. None of these people would be right or wrong, but one thing is certain: love is the most powerful force in the entire universe. Between partners of any description, be they married or, boyfriend and girlfriend, straight or gay, young or old, love is a relationship of mutual understanding and respect. Marriages and partnerships are often built on common ground that people find when they first meet; this can be as deep as sharing religious, philosophical or religious beliefs, or as simple as finding that you love the same film, book, or band.

This kind of love is often reliant on some kind of ‘chemistry’: that strange feeling that they give you in the pit of your stomach, and the feeling that nothing in the world is more important to you than enjoying the moment you’re in together. Some people feel that they experience love at first sight, where they know from the minute they set eyes on each other that they want to be with that person, but something built on common interests and understanding must be stronger. It is the strength of this feeling that makes love the most powerful emotion that most of us will ever experience. People can do some dreadful things out of hate and fear, but love can push us to do much, much worse. And it is often love that can cause us to hate, whether it’s out of jealousy, or anger because our loved one has been hurt. Love, ultimately, is a sacrifice, whatever the relationship, and it must be the most powerful force in the universe because as human beings, we make true sacrifices for nothing less. Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being.

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Each human being has his/her own thoughts about love to guide himself/herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of Love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front. I know this question exists in each human being’s mind including myself. If not it is still waiting to be discovered deeply in your heart. What do I think of love? For me, I believe love is a priceless diamond, because a diamond has thousands of reflections, and each reflection represents a meaning of love. With love I can accept a person’s imperfections without any condition, and able to transfer the way I love myself to another person who I am fancy at. With love I can have the power against loneliness, sadness, and illness, and to be able to change them into my happiness. As well as, having a key to open my heart to look at this world without a mask, to show people who I really am. But on the other hand, my love cannot be a substitute for anything, which means nothing can be substituted for my love.

It also means those reflections of the diamond cannot be replaced by any kind of light or reflection, because the untrue reflection will not be a real diamond, and will not be able to spread out its resplendent and meaningful reflection of love to people about whom I care. Most of us act as though we know what it is without truly understanding its meaning and essence. This has been true of me. Before I encountered this phenomenology of love, I already had experiences of loving other people – my family, my friends, and girlfriends past and present. However, I was belonged to the people whom Erich Fromm described as believing in the popular notion of love. I emphasized the characteristics of the people I loved, why I needed them, and I mostly demanded that they love me more than I demanded myself to love them. My concept love was shallow. Yes, I felt it, but I knew it not. However, all that changed when I came across the phenomenology of love.

It was an articulation of fundamental characteristics of love which I knew my heart was saying but my mind was incapable of putting into words. When I was reading the said phenomenology, I constantly had that weird feeling of realizing something and relating to it strongly with past experiences. I strongly agree with it. Indeed, love begins with the experience of loneliness and then grows as someone reaches out lovingly to the other. I also experienced that, but did not know its meaning in relation to the love I had. Indeed, in loving others, I always sought their love too, in the same or in even greater measure than that which I gave them. But I realized with the phenomenology that it is alright to feel that way and wish for the same, but that it should not be the motivation in my loving act. But what struck me the most was the statement that when we “love” someone without knowing our true worth, we are like making them trash bins to whom we throw ourselves. Because of this and the entirety of the phenomenology of love, I learned what loving is truly all about. Indeed, it’s a many-splendored thing.

Oxymorons are figures of speech in which two contradictory terms are combined in order to create a rhetorical effect by paradoxical means. The word oxymoron is derived from the Greek for pointedly foolish (oxys = sharp/keen and moros = foolish). Oxymorons are extremely useful in written English because they can make effective titles, add dramatic effect, add flavor to speech, and can sometimes be used to achieve a comedic effect. Here is a comprehensive list of 64 examples of oxymorons in sentences. In each example, the oxymoron is underlined.

Examples of Oxymorons in Sentences

  1. This is another fine mess you have got us into.
  2. There is a real love hate relationship developing between the two of them.
  3. Suddenly the room filled with a deafening silence.
  4. The comedian was seriously funny.
  5. You are clearly confused by the situation you have found yourself in.
  6. Her singing was enough to raise the living dead.
  7. Do you have the original copies that we requested?
  8. This is a genuine imitation Rolex watch.
  9. I really would like to try that new jumbo shrimp restaurant.
  10. His new girlfriend really is pretty ugly.
  11. Sorry, I can’t help you out right now, I am involved in my own minor crisis.
  12. Give me the fifty dollars you owe me or pay for dinner, it’s the same difference.
  13. My trip to Bali was very much a working holiday.
  14. I let out a silent scream as the cat walked through the door carrying a dead bird.
  15. You are going to have to use proofreading services, it is your only choice.
  16. The seventies was the era of free love.
  17. I will ask the professor for his unbiased opinion.
  18. The constant variable is the one that does not change.
  19. The sermon lasted for an endless hour.
  20. We laughed and cried through the tragic comedy.
  21. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
  22. They couldn’t wait to get out alone together.
  23. We’ll use plastic glasses at the picnic.
  24. The student teacher explained how to complete dissertation editing.
  25. The gossip is old news.
  26. The lady he eventually married is painfully beautiful.
  27. Wow! This ice cream is disgustingly delicious.
  28. Be careful in the playground, run slowly.
  29. Your apple pie is awfully good.
  30. A small crowd gathered to watch the concert.
  31. It’s an open secret that they have been having an affair for the past six months.
  32. He has a real passive aggressive personality.
  33. You were awfully lucky to escape the car crash unscathed.
  34. Stop being a big baby.
  35. I am sure I am growing smaller as I get older.
  36. She is my least favorite relation.
  37. The story was based on the concept of  a true myth.
  38. That is an example of the typically weird behavior she continually demonstrates.
  39. He has become an extremely unpopular celebrity.
  40. I’m on a heavy diet until my wedding day.
  41. I am a deeply superficial person.
  42. I like a smuggler. He is the only honest thief.
  43. Good grief, we’re really late.
  44. I can’t make any promises but it’s a definite possibility.
  45. She was terribly pleased with her Birthday present.
  46. The army returned friendly fire as the enemy approached.
  47. He installed the new wireless cable in the television room.
  48. He was forced to stand down from his position as president.
  49. There will be zero tolerance in the future.
  50. I had no choice but to do what I was told.


Funny, Sarcastic and Cynical Oxymorons:

  1. Microsoft Works
  2. Military intelligence
  3. Government organization
  4. American history
  5. Business ethics
  6. Butt Head
  7. Temporary tax increase
  8. Twelve-ounce pound cake
  9. Express Mail
  10. Marital bliss
  11. Congressional ethics
  12. Airline Food
  13. President Bush
  14. Peace Keeper Missile

Can you think of any examples of oxymorons in sentences? Leave a comment and share them with us all.

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