Homework Help Connected Mathematics 2 Online

Links to Math Websites to Use in Class!

Links to Online Connected Math Games

Website for Parents

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

A library of virtual manipulatives for middle school mathematics.

NCTM Illuminations

NCTM Illuminations provides student-centered, explorative lessons based on the National Mathematics Standards.

An interactive website of mathematical concepts. Great for use with the Smart Board!

Math is Fun! Website

This website has been developed by math teacher from to encourage an interest in Mathematics. The idea behind the site is to offer mathematics pages as well as some fun bits. The material is organized under the following headings: Math Menus (Number & Algebra, Shape, Space & Measures, Handling Data), Math Help (Discussion Forum and Online Form), Puzzles & Quizzes, Calculators and Computer Programs.

Banana Hunt

A fun game for practicing finding degrees of angles. Great for the SmartBoard!

All information from http://www.phschool.com

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