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During my student teaching I saw my mentor pass out a worksheet to each student at the end of each session. When I visited with my grad school friends they told me theirs did the same. So, naturally we all passed out those skill specific worksheets at the end of each session.  My first year working in my school I was so excited! I had binders of worksheets labeled, sorted, and ready to go. I was couldn’t wait to pass them out and see my students’ progress soar! Then reality set in.  I soon realized that only a small handful of students ever turned in the homework, that is of course if they didn’t lose it.

So, I pose the question: Is speech homework helpful or a just a waste of paper? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


– Helps students practice and reinforce skills from therapy.

– Encourage family involvement in speech therapy.

– Helps students make faster, more steady progress of targeted skills.


– If homework doesn’t get done or is lost then no practice or reinforcement of skills is had.

– Paper ($) and time are needed in preparing materials for homework.

For me, the pros out weigh the cons. But, that doesn’t erase the frustrations that occur when speech homework consistently isn’t completed.  After years of this I come to a conclusion: The best I can do is give them the opportunity.It took me some time to get there though, this light bulb did not turn on over night! I had to understand and accept that there will be reasons why speech homework isn’t completed: after school activities, too much homework already, family events, they lost it, etc.  So, I decided the best thing I could do for my students was to give them the opportunity to practice their skills and if it didn’t get done, it didn’t get done. 


I have gone through lots and lots and lots of different homework sheets and systems. Here are some of my favorites that have worked well for me and hopefully for you…if you want.

1. Speech and Language Homework for a Year

This has been my favorite tool to use! This homework bundle is so comprehensive it’s crazy. Each week, for 10 months ( a school  year )  there is a homework sheet. Each sheet has 3 different levels so I am able to find something for all kids. I hand had out these sheets to my students at their first or only session of the week.  They have until the following week to turn get the activities done ( which take about 3 minutes ).  Even if they don’t target my kid’s goals exactly, it is still addressing their language growth.  She also has a Social Language Homework for a Year.


2. Summer Homework Packet

This is a great packet from Natalie Snyders with summer activities to keep those language skills strong!  She also has packs for all the months of the school year and articulation too!


3. Speech and Language Therapy Summer Homework Program


This is another great packet from Sublime Speech to help prevent regression during the summer. It is set up like a calendar so it is super easy for families to follow and doesn’t take up much their day.


These are just some things I have found. I quick search on TpT will turn up lots more, so take a look and see if there is something out there that may fit your needs.

Now after all this talk about speech homework I am curious. Where do you stand on it?

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